integrating with inventory software

To find efficiencies and more

Landed Catch is required by law to be prepared with the following:

The Food Safety Modernization Act (USDA) requires fishermen and farmers to trace and report the origin of their seafood. 2025 we will see fines for non-compliance. 

Manna Seafood Blockchain allows for seamless reporting.

The chain is continued within the retail environment by:

Interoperating with restaurant and retailer inventory software systems.

Verifying fish in and equals fish out.

We integrate temperature sensors.

Promoting seafood sales by telling the story of seafood by layering into the QR code video of the producer, or processor.

Retailers/Restaurants participate without cost to showcase blockchain offerings.

These tools while adding value to the user also carry into the supply chain.

distributors participate without cost just by adding temperature sensors to their trucks.