Bringing traceability and accountability for fishers, farmers and consumers.

Manna Seafood Blockchain has the potential to BUILD VALUE AND TRUST, reduce costs, Improve Safety.

Inefficiency and waste in the seafood supply chain, and seafood fraud, create a pervasive problem worldwide. COSTING CONSUMERS OVER $9 BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY.​

Increased supply chain efficiencies and accurate representation of products positively affecting consumer pricing, carbon footprint, seafood waste, and freshness. With Manna Seafood Blockchain, we provide:

an immutable record to track origin of seafood products

instant recalls and
temperature tracking

mandatory reporting

Before Manna Seafood Blockchain…

there was no way to ensure seafood safety and origin, while building value and trust. NOW, THERE IS.

Manna Seafood Blockchain At A Glance



By using blockchain’s immutable ledger throughout each step of the supply chain, Manna Seafood Blockchain facilitates product tracking for insurance of authenticity, legality, and sustainability.


Facilitate User Coordination

Manna Seafood Blockchain shares select data at each link in the supply chain, which leads to sourcing assurance, and the ability to engage consumers at the seafood product level.


QR Code Scanning

Manna Seafood Blockchain supports QR codes enabling seafood storytelling via video clips, instant retrieval and validation of records. The Manna Seafood Blockchain allows users to visualize supply chain data enabling improved seafood supply chain efficiency.


Seafood Blockchain Traceability

Manna Seafood Blockchain enables visibility within seafood supply chains allowing users to be certain of the origin of seafood products. This certainty allows consumers the opportunity to make purchase decisions based on science and fact. Manna Seafood Blockchain enables increased trust by placing records on a decentralized and immutable ledger, improving the visibility of the entire distribution channel.


Product Visibility

Promote sustainably produced and sourced seafood. Share the stories behind seafood thru embedded video clips. Consumers are demanding more information about the seafood they buy, and the market needs a solution that tracks products through the entire supply chain.


Our integrated management team has a strong background in technology, business and seafood.