To transform the future of seafood using blockchain technology.

Blockchain has the potential to vastly reduce the cost and complexity of food safety and distribution.

Inefficiency in the food system is a pervasive problem worldwide, made more apparent by the COVID-19 crisis, which stressed the global seafood supply chain. Inefficiencies and the collapse of the supply chain negatively affect consumer pricing, carbon footprint, food waste, and expected freshness.


With blockchain we can enable

open transparency for tracking the movement of food

enable interoperability for seamless mandatory tracking and reporting

monitoring the processes of production and waste utilization

Last year, Food Safety magazine counted 337 food safety recalls in the United States. Companies surveyed put costs at up to USD 30 million per incident.

Currently tracking food across the supply chain takes days, if not weeks, as companies may struggle to find a mix of digital and paper-based product data. With a digitized food system, network participants could have instant recalls, with convenient access to data and tools to improve food safety. Participants on the Manna Seafood Blockchain become proactive contributors to a better food system. Using blockchain the provenance, real-time location, and status of food products. Will be recorded and cannot be altered.

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