Manna Seafood Blockchain through the use of blockchain has the potential to vastly reduce the cost and complexity of food safety and distribution.

A Number of Major Challenges

Around Regulation, Best Practices and Fraud

A Notorious Problem
with Uniform Regulation

A recent study showed
mislabeling of seafood occurs as
50% of the time.

Illegal and
Irresponsible Practices

Fishing has a track record of perceived poor practices leading to a lack of trust in the fishing and/or aquaculture industry.

Marked Food

Tampering and mislabeling of food products for financial gain cost the global economy $30 billion annually

Helping Secure the Seafood Supply Chain


Done right, ocean farming is part of the solution for a climate smart future! MANNA FISH FARMS is working to permit one of the first ocean farms in the US, with a commitment of transparency and best sustainable practices. Seafood is the fastest growing protein sector in the world, yet there are no finfish farms in our U.S. EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone), and only a couple new seaweed and shellfish endeavors. Our wild capture fisheries have plateaued. We could farm in 1/10 of 1% of our EEZ and grow an amount equal to the total annual wild catch! 

Today the U.S. is importing over 90% of the seafood consumed, with limited inspections. Aquaculture is the future, and more that half of the seafood eaten globally is farmed. New technology and equipment, combined with advanced marine spatial planning tools, robotics and submersible net pens support responsible industry development. Monitoring sensors and cameras have evolved to ensure activity is properly balanced with the ocean environment. The UN has directed that we must double aquaculture production by 2030 to maintain our current levels of consumption. 
MANNA SEAFOOD BLOCKCHAIN is transforming the seafood supply chain through innovation and technology and has convened a blockchain network for seafood. The immutable record will improve safety of seafood products, and lock in provenance and date of harvest. At the same time, waste, fraud and inefficiencies in the seafood supply chain will be reduced. The goal – put more money in the pockets of the seafood fishermen and farmers.

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Our Team



Founding Partner and President of Manna Seafood Blockchain, is a Japanese-American Entrepreneur/Restaurateur with over 20 years of experience working in the US, Japan, and Hawaii. His successful business ventures range from start-ups to established restaurants with over 25-year history. He is now bringing his experience and passion for sustainable seafood to Manna Seafood BlockChain. Jesse has worked under the mentorship of renowned seafood experts worldwide.


Vice President

Founding Partner and vice president of Manna Seafood Blockchain, is an aquapreneur and a passionate pioneer in the rapidly growing open ocean fish farming industry. An attorney and business leader, Donna sits on the Boards of the World Ocean Council, Manna Ocean Foundation, and the Ocean Stewards Institute. As CEO and Founder of Manna Fish Farms, Inc., Donna and the Manna Team lead the way for responsible, transparent and sustainable United States offshore and land-based Aquaculture development.